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Microsoft Excel is recognized as many as a pioneer software for so many uses we cannot even start to mention all of it's uses. To keep it short we will say it is all about the numbers with Excel.

On this website you will find information about different Excel file types. The difference between them and which you should choose for different types of usage. The importance of choosing the right file formats can often be neglected, until suddenly the file won't open on another system or with an older computer. There are also other benefits as processing speed and space. Also on this website you will find pre-made excel files in many formats. Want to dish out some amazing graphs and amaze your friends or emoyees? We hope to serve you well in the nearest future!

Current Free Excel Files for Download

Personal Economy: Daily, Monthly and Yearly Expenses, Earnings and Savings

This is a sample excel file template example of how to create a spreadsheet to track your personal economy. Easy to use and with graphs and calculations. Try add some more features to it if you want or check back here later when we have updated it with more advanced calculations and more features!